Ten Ways That Art Works: Center for Arts-Inspired Learning’s arts-based jobs program has employed over Northeast Ohio students



For over 10 years, Center for Arts-Inspired Learning’s ArtWorks has celebrated the unique ways that the arts ignite a passion for a student’s career potential. ArtWorks employs high school students from diverse backgrounds in paid, arts-based apprenticeships that develop artistic expertise and cultivate core competencies.


Here are 10 ways we make that possible:

  1. Arts Lead To Career Excitement

More than just a part-time job, ArtWorks uses the arts to introduce students to career enjoyment. Students go through an interview process, then have the responsibility of a job they love.


  1. Twentyfirst-Century Skills

ArtWorks focuses on the skills that employers want for the future–critical thinking, creative problem solving, and ingenuity.


  1. Learning From Expert Artists

Students learn from working artists who are experts in their fields. Art forms include visual arts, recording arts, jazz, coding, video game design, 3D modeling, fashion design, graphic design, dance, theater, performance poetry, and film making.


  1. Connecting Students from Across NEO

It gives the opportunity for students from different cities and schools to collaborate on projects and learn from each other’s viewpoints.


  1. Community Connections

Each co-op encourages students to showcase their projects. Through exhibitions and events, apprentices practice public speaking and performance to engage the community in their creations.


  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Through interaction with working teaching artists and guest speakers who have started businesses, apprentices learn how to transfer the skills they learn into careers.


  1. Social Awareness

Arts reflect the world, and apprentices are asked to consider social connections when they create. Whether designing toys for the children at shelters or painting community murals, apprentices are inspired to think beyond themselves.


  1. Financial Planning

ArtWorks is a job, and apprentices are coached on basic financial literacy–from setting up banking accounts for their paychecks to saving for their futures.


  1. College Readiness

Guest speakers from area universities break down the college application and financial aid process, giving apprentices a chance to understand future opportunities.


  1. Future Success

ArtWorks apprentices continue to cite their experience as a life-changing moment that taught them skills used in college and later in life.


Do you know a 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student interested in the arts? Apply to ArtWorks online at arts-inspiredlearning.org/artworks.


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