Live Creatively

Flux Metal Arts, Jill Hurant sarah's ring

A bright orange post-it note stuck to the computer monitor, “live creatively” written on it.  A phrase stumbled across, now serves as a daily reminder.  We have had the honor to witness the blessings of creativity every day.  Whether it is promoting the talents of local artists in our Artisan Gallery, or nurturing the talents of budding artists in our classes…  We are all born creative.


Find your creative flow this Summer.  Join fellow artists, and grab a bench during Open Studio.  Enjoy a well-equipped studio to independently work on projects, all without the expense of setting up your own shop.  Gain access to tools and equipment, and relax in a creative atmosphere that supports your needs.


Need help finding your creative voice?  Join us in a class.  From half-day to full-weekend, enjoy a wide range of technique and project based classes to fit your interests.  Plus, don’t miss these exciting travelling artists!


August 5-7, we are excited to host Vermont visiting artist Anne Havel for a special three day workshop, “Torch Fired Enamels: Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners.”  Students will create enamel pieces through torch-firing, and then incorporate them into the full evolution of the completed piece; learning bezels are not the only way to set enamels.


We also look forward to New Jersey artist Jill Hurant September 24-25 for her workshop “Fine Silver Granulation.”  Granulation is the ancient technique of fusing small spheres of silver or gold onto a piece of jewelry to form a decorative element.  This Cleveland native returns home to share how these classical pieces of jewelry are made.  Take a step back in time and learn this fascinating process.


Through the responsibilities (or stress) of work, family, and everyday life, we often forget to take a moment to rejuvenate our creative side.  Although its meaning will vary from person-to-person, we each have a favorite way to refresh and renew.  We are all creative; you just have to allow it to be nurtured.  What have you done to live creatively?


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Torch Fired Enamels: Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners: August 5-7