With an old couch, a trailer, and a filthy mattress stuffed with $10,000 – Loren is having a ball!


Loren’s Art Lounge, furnished with an old couch, continues to feature mini shows and will be hosting talented guest curators throughout 2016. I will curate a new show opening in March, followed by Alenka Banco in April and Amanda Lee in May. In June, Tina Ripley will curate a show featuring “ready-made” art, bringing attention to Marcel Duchamp. John Farina will curate in August, followed by Liz Maugans in September, Michael Gill in October. In March of 2017, we will have Christina Vassallo of SPACES.

Meanwhile, Satellite Gallery –open the first friday of every month for Walk All Over Waterloo—will continue to present an ever-evolving series of exhibits.

My own work continues, as I roll forward with a new Giant Orb sculpture, which has a surface created from the “bones” of found furniture parts and house debris collected on garbage days in my Ohio City neighborhood. This sphere will radiate the aura of the people who crafted these houses and furniture, as well as the love and memories of the families that called these places “home”.

In September, I will be trailering this eight-foot diameter spherical art piece on a multi-city tour that includes Cleveland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Indianapolis and Toronto.

Galleries and museums in each city will host interactive community events where the public will contribute to the sculpture with recorded monologues. Emanating from speakers inside the sphere, these recordings will reflect thoughts and memories of “home”. This multi-sensory sculpture will eventually be installed in a home of its own.

Artified, the art show with the huge $10,000 Grand Prize consisting of 10,000 one-dollar bills stuffed in an old filthy mattress will now be called Artified: Collinwood. This show which will be juried by the public, will create vibrancy, commerce, and excitement in this thriving art community. The people will shop and dine in local venues as they vote for their favorite art. There will be a venue and artist pairing event that will take place this fall, with the exhibition occurring the following spring.


Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113




Satellite Gallery

442 East 156th Street

Cleveland, OH, Earth 44110.


Loren’s Art Lounge

15605 Waterloo, upstairs

Cleveland, OH 44110


Vote for Artified Collinwood in the  Ballot Box Project:  6-8 pm Friday, March 4 at the Slovenian Hall; 3-5 pm Saturday, March 5 at Collinwood Rec Center; 1-3 pm Monday, March 7 at Euclid Beach Villas; 4 – 6 pm Wednesday, March 9 at the Salvation Army


Spring Walk all Over Waterloo dates:  March 4, April 1, May 6, June 3