Artface: Dexter Davis


Dexter Davis was two years old when the riots broke out in Hough, which was his neighborhood. He has lived in Cleveland his entire life, except for some time in France back in 1987. He earned his BFA at CIA, and has worked as a security guard at the Cleveland Museum of Art for more than 20 years, all the while making brilliant print-based, mixed media collage. His steady series of solo exhibits began in 1994 and includes shows at MOCA Cleveland, The Progressive Collection, and the CWRU Mather Gallery, as well as several at William Busta Gallery. In a brochure for a 2012 exhibit at Busta’s, Henry Adams described Davis as “an artist who creates powerfully expressive images of masks and ghosts and trees with spirits and the body outlines of people who have been murdered.” He went on to say that the images “are often angry, and a little frightening; and deal with themes of anxiety and violence, although there’s also something about them that’s magical and liberating.”  Davis currently has work in the show New Prints 2016, on view through March 26 at the International Print Center, New York.