Tremont Art Walk: In the Loop

The gallery at Loop Tremont was established to showcase young new talent from Cleveland & beyond. As a coffee shop, record store, and art gallery, Loop is afforded the opportunity to share work with a larger general public than would normally attend a gallery opening, an opportunity for an artist to expand their following to beyond the gallery crowds.


In September 2015, Loop will celebrate its inaugural year of Gather: our Annual September Photography Invitational. Gather is a showcase of snapshots of human interaction. Loop is encouraging established as well as new photographers to share shots from the show, the afterparty, the road trip & the hangouts. This is not a show for posed and technically proficient pieces; this is the show of pieces that represent the photographer’s ability to capture a moment, not curate a scene. Gather will include seven artists from Cleveland and Chicago.


Loop is also fortunate to be able to host some of Cleveland’s best DJs and musicians during our Second Friday Tremont Art Walks. DJ Keirnan LaVeaux, one third of the popular dance party series IN TRAINING, has gotten everyone up and dancing in between the tables at Loop and we hope to bring her back for many more events. Sam Baribault, aka W/ Both Shoulders Broken, has graced the stage for two opening nights at Loop. Cleveland DJ-about-town Red-I has performed sets ranging from Dancehall Reggae to Old School Hip-Hop.


Loop is happy to co-ordinate after-parties for its second Friday openings with neighbor bar Lava Lounge, and with Cleveland DIY art center the Lean Industrial Consortium.



Aside from the monthly rotating shows on the big wall, Loop also has on-going exhibits including [Black Frame] curated by Cleveland favorite John G., co-creator of the Lake Erie Monster Comic series and Melt Bar&Grilled resident illustrator. [Black Frame] showcases Cleveland illustrators & comic artists including J. Kelly, Kevin Czapiewski, Ashley Ribblett, and John G. Further, we have just expanded our gallery space upstairs to make room for more semi-permanent art collections.

Loop Tremont
2180 W. 11th St.
Cleveland 44113



7am – 9pm Monday – Thursday
7 am – 10 pm Friday

8 am – 10 pm Saturday

10 am – 6 pm Sunday


Tremont Art Walks:

September 11

October 9

November 13