Fall at The Sculpture Center


This fall we focus on contemporary ceramics by some of the best artists of our region, concerned with art history, craft, absurdity, domesticity, and the human condition.


Future Retrieval x Chris Vorhees, a new collaborative among Cincinnati based Katie Parker, Guy Michael Davis, and Chris Vorhees, combines porcelain sculptures, hand cut wallpaper landscapes, light, sound, and mixed media. Think English neo-classical, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and James Turrell.


Fabricated Fictions features new work of Toronto born Zimra Beiner and Nathan Prouty of Cincinnati. Beiner’s sculpture expressively abstract domestic objects. Prouty’s intimate sculptures are obsessively detailed “bundles” about humor and cultural baggage.


The Sculpture Center

1834 East 123rd Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44106