$10,000 Cash, Giant Balls, A Space Launch, Trash Becomes Art, An Outdoor Gallery, and Rescuing Dogs… Bow, Wow and WOW!

ARTIFIED: An Art Exhibit Juried by the People with a $10,000 Grand Cash Prize!

Imagine Cleveland’s greatest art show ever!

Loren Naji Studio Gallery wants to bring vibrancy to Cleveland, support artists, and promote business. Loren, with his team, Tina Ripley and Grace Wen are exploring an art event idea that could make this happen. Our goal is a large prize of perhaps $10,000 generated from $35 participation fees, inspiring colossal works of art and attracting visitors. Viewers will choose the winner with their votes! We need artists and businesses to help us reach this goal.

Individual artists or collaborative groups – single pieces or bodies of work, sculpture, painting, photography, installation, performance … anything goes!

Art could be displayed in any business venues imaginable throughout Cleveland, galleries, museums, libraries, restaurants, stores, even vacant lots and sidewalks! Clevelanders and visitors would participate, exploring the city’s venues and culture while viewing amazing art, voting for their favorites.

In addition to the Grand Cash Prize, a Curators Prize could be awarded. Juried by local gallery directors and art professionals, this prestigious award would grant the winner a cash prize, recognition and a gallery show.

Winners could be announced during a weekend celebration at the end of a month long citywide exhibit.

Follow through on that amazing idea and create your grandest work ever! Artists and venues, are you excited? Contact us now to get this ball rolling!  loren.naji@gmail.com

New Sculptures: My giant orbs installed in Cleveland. One with GPS will go on tour ending in NYC, floating down the Hudson River!

Erie Art Treasures: June 27th (12 – 7pm) during the Waterloo Arts Festival. Grace Summanen and I will help children collect beach trash and turn it into art for display in our outdoor gallery near Waterloo Arts. We are also collaborating with Ali Lukacsy and Stephen Love, creating an 8’ Plastic Perch from beach trash, to be installed during the Great Lakes Science Center Adventure Week, June 22-28. Sculpture creation will be June 5 (5-9pm) at my Satellite Gallery.

Slavic Village Outdoor Gallery: My new outdoor gallery continues to feature artists at 6731 Fleet Ave. Come hang your art anytime!

Satellite Gallery: a new launch, Friday, June 5th. The crew: Ron Copeland, James Jenkins, Ali Lukacsy, Stephen Love and Anastasia Pantsios. Also, Bob Peck and I will collaborate with a LIVE art making performance.

Art Fur Animals Fundraiser: Sponsored by Friends of the Cleveland Kennel. I have been invited to paint a ceramic dog for this live auction event that raises awareness for our furry friends.


Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113



Satellite Gallery

442 East 156th Street

Cleveland, OH, Earth 44110.