Morgan Conservatory Grand (re)Opening

Since opening to the public in 2008, Morgan Art of Papermaking & Educational Foundation has been known as a place for transformation. We transformed an old industrial space into what has become the largest arts center in the United States dedicated to every facet of hand papermaking, book arts and letterpress printing—as well as cultivating the talents of professional and aspiring artists.

Initially, we focused on transforming parts of the space that are critical to enabling our vision – studios, gallery, kozo garden and a public gathering space. That positioned us to provide mission-critical services to the public, such as producing handmade paper for sale in our store, offering stimulating workshops, and hosting engaging exhibitions and events.

The Morgan's new store and kitchen, under construction

The Morgan’s new store and kitchen, under construction

Over the last 5 months, we have transformed other parts of the building to enable staff, volunteers and instructors to better serve our constituency. We transformed industrial storage rooms to finished office, meeting and hospitality spaces so that we have the efficiency and flexibility we need for a growing, more effective organization.

For 2015, we have lined up an expanded series of motivating Summer workshops and inspiring exhibitions. You may preview the workshops and experience the enhanced facilities at our Grand (re)Opening when our Gallery season opens with the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition on Thursday, April 16.

Workshops – Continuing Our Tradition of Excellence

Keeping with the tradition of years past, Morgan Conservatory is offering a host of exciting workshops this Summer. Students can whet their creative appetites with classes in the broad subject areas of bookbinding, printmaking and papermaking.

In addition to highly talented local artists (such as Fran Kovac and Clare Murray Adams), we have scheduled outstanding national and international artists to lead our workshops. Among these are Andrea Peterson, Velma Bolyard, and Jane Ingram Allen, to name a few. Standing favorites are being offered, such as Melissa Jay Craig’s “Unusual 3-D Techniques” (which always has a waiting list).

This year’s workshop offerings follow the historical movement of papermaking along the Silk Road from the East (1st century AD) to the Middle East (8th century) to Europe (12th century). In the Eastern Paper Studio, Aimee Lee’s “Pure Hanji” will immerse you in the exceptional characteristics of Korean hand papermaking. Crowd favorite Big Ass Paper is back with a new twist. Artists Julie McLaughlin and Rebecca Cross team up to offer “Big Ass Paper and Bad Ass Shibori”.

Important advances in papermaking were made at each point on the Road. “Islamic Papermaking” will be taught for the first time in Cleveland. Radha Pandey will be joining us from Iowa to teach hemp fiber preparation and surface treatments in addition to Islamic sheet formation techniques.

Wood Engravers Network conference comes to the Morgan

Wood Engravers Network conference comes to the Morgan

For contemporary applications, topics in ”Advanced Western Papermaking” have been added to the roster of workshops. Instructor Mason Milani will guide students beyond sheet formation and into the use of additive materials and technical surface design to produce finished artwork or small editions of handmade paper.

We’ve expanded our bookbinding offerings to include “Late Gothic Binding on Wooden Boards,” in which students will learn to cover their spine with leather and create brass clasps. Truly, this workshop will engage and delight the most hard-core bookbinders and bibliophiles.

We have something to offer every skill level, whether you’re a novice craftsperson or an experienced artist. Join us for a truly immersive creative experience.

Visit our website for more detail and to register online. Call us at 216-361-9255 to answer your questions.

Exhibitions – Setting the Bar Ever Higher

3rd Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Artwork selected by guest jurors William Busta (proprietor of William Busta Gallery) and Liz Maugans (printmaker and co-director of Zygote Press) will highlight the outstanding regional artists living and working in and around Cleveland. This juried exhibition will showcase a myriad of artistic applications that incorporate the use of paper or paper fibers.

Wood Engravers Network

Organized by Eric Gulliver, this showcase will display a collaborative project that synergizes the Morgan Conservatory paper mill and members of the Wood Engravers Network to create a limited edition, hand-printed, folio book. A series of wood engravings printed on custom-made paper will illuminate the vibrancy of this group of engravers and the added artistry of handmade paper.

Claudio Orso

This fabulous Oberlin print master will enliven the gallery with his large-scale woodcuts. Known for expressive and theatrical imagery, Claudio’s unique visual language celebrates the process of manipulating his relief surface and revels in the physical actions of printmaking.

Jane Ingram Allen

Her tenuous yet durable handmade paper works serve as site maps, recalling residencies around the world. Working in places such as the Philippines, Japan, Nepal, Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, England, and the USA, Allen uses local botanicals to produce extraordinary, artistic mementos. Site-specific works from her preceding residency at Morgan Conservatory will be featured.

Kerri Harding

A multi-disciplinary paper and book artist, Kerri Harding combines hand papermaking with letterpress techniques and constructs engaging installations that invite visitors to explore space and the transformation of materials. Often drawing from forms and networks found in nature, Harding uses abstract representations to display the inseparable harmony between her craftsmanship and conceptual artworks.

Aimee Lee

Interdisciplinary artist Aimee Lee’s work examines the nature of being human, and ways that people create personal realities based on constructs of family and culture. Her tools include papermaking, book arts, and installation, and her recent focus has been on making and working with hanji, Korean handmade paper. Lee’s exhibition will provide viewers with an appreciation of hanji’s versatility through masterful technique and expressive artwork.

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