Morgan Conservatory: Leading the way in Handmade Paper


Handmade papers have qualities that machine-made papers desperately try to artificially reproduce. The exquisitely textured surface of a paper made by hand is unmistakable–its texture subtle and like an orange peel. The Morgan Conservatory is committed to making the highest quality papers in a variety of fibers for professional artists and bookbinders, students, and anyone who values exceptional papers. Our talented papermakers have created a full line of handmade papers, each paper with distinguishing characteristics and all made under strict quality standards. The characteristics of this line of papers were selected by a team of artists to meet their specific needs.


The seven papers available in this line include blends of cotton, abaca, and flax forming a gradient of natural tones. They can be purchased either sized or unsized, making them suitable for both wet and dry mediums, in a standard size of 18×24 inches. Our papers have been used for the finest printmaking, letterpress, bookbinding, marbling, watercolor, origami, and other paper arts.


Although new to the handmade market, Morgan Conservatory papers have been gaining a reputation for excellence among professional artists and craftspeople. Steve Pittelkow, a professional artist specializing in marbling, continually asserts that our papers are the highest quality handmade papers he has ever used.


The greatest feature of handmade paper is its ability to be tailored for each and every purpose. In addition to our standard line of papers, we have the ability and facilities to handle all aspects of custom western papermaking, and we are more than happy to fulfill specialized paper needs. Our custom papers have been selected for special projects for area artists and national institutions such as MIT, Cleveland Museum of Art and CIA (Gauguin exhibition), and the Frick Collection.


Our largest custom order to date was for a limited edition of silk screen prints produced at Lafayette College. The order was for 400 sheets of custom thickness and texture with dimensions of 34” x 46”. The printer searched nation-wide and determined we were the only papermaker capable of producing to their specifications.


The Morgan Conservatory is dedicated to creating the finest papers available, and we invite you to try them for yourself. Please visit us online or contact for more information.



We are proud to offer our first ever fall and winter workshop season! Don’t let the winter slow down your creative process. We have a fully heated studio room, top-notch teaching artists and an of array classes. For registration, full descriptions, teaching artist bios and additional photographs please visit us online:



The Morgan Art of Papermaking

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Photo Subtitle: Jeff Abshear, Director of the Kalamazoo Books Arts Center using the Morgan studio to create custom paper. 

Photo Credit: Lauren Sammon