Find Your Creative Spark at Beck Center This Winter

Looking for a creative spark this winter?  We invite you to visit Beck Center for the Arts to discover your own creative experience!  Beck Center is a unique arts center located in the heart of Lakewood.  We offer something for everyone who loves the arts within our conveniently located, cozy Lakewood campus.

On any given Saturday morning, as you walk into our central building to view one of our art exhibitions in our main gallery, the Jean Bulicek Galleria, you will be immersed in creativity.  As you stroll along, you may hear the distant sounds of a piano playing show tunes or a chorus practicing scales. In our lounge area, young performers may be reading scripts for upcoming auditions.  A whirlwind of tiny ballerinas, in the requisite student black leotards and pink tights, might rush past. Preparations for that night’s professional theater performance may be in evidence, as props are being moved.  It’s exciting to be a part of that creative energy!

For art enthusiasts who want a quieter experience, stop by Beck Center on a weekday or evening when you’re likely to see actors, dancers or musicians heading off to studios to practice their crafts.  Moving along to our Visual Arts wing, you will be likely find a variety of people at work: some brushing up on skills they already have, or others who are learning something new, such how to throw pots on a wheel in our well-equipped pottery studio.

Beck Center’s diverse offerings include a wide range of arts opportunities for both children and adults.  From a classic arts education program, to an exciting series of free, public fine art gallery exhibitions, to a lively theater season, to beautiful dance and music recitals, to our inclusive Creative Art Therapy program, we have it all!

Once you’ve discovered your inspiration, stop by our Customer Service desk and sign up for a class for yourself or family members.  Support local artists by purchasing their works from the gallery.  Or, buy a ticket to one of our fabulous theater shows and find out what everyone is taking about!  How you decide to create your own arts experience is up to you!  But, in whatever way you choose, we welcome you and yours into our creative community.

For more information about taking a class, attending free art gallery receptions and exhibits, or getting tickets to one of our student or professional theater offerings, please visit or follow us on FaceBook or Twitter for up-to-the-minute news about all things art at Beck Center.  See you here!