Qian Li, Sid Rheuban, and Jennifer Omaitz at 1point618

Warm Heavy Lift

Qian Li

Qian Li’s show Warm Heavy Lift, is on view at 1point 618 Gallery through September 30, 2014. It’s a very personal show, exploring the artist’s transformation after the birth of her son. She describes the experience:

Qian Li, Lift

Qian Li, Lift

The day my son was born, in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness, for the first time in my life I felt an enormous love showered down on me from above. I was touched by a warm hand, and for a moment felt a rebirth. The suffering memories from my past–which were a dark, heavy rock I had been carrying inside of me for decades–were vibrated from the air. They melted down into a small gray cloud, hanging far away in the sky that even the gentlest wind could carry away. The sky overhead is blue as always.  These pieces represent my emotional journey over these months.”  

Sid Rheuban at 90

works of Sid Rheuban

Another artist sharing a personal milestone at 1point618 is the painter, Sid Rheuban. Sid will celebrate his 90th birthday by showing a collection of new paintings, Sid Rheuban at 90. The exhibit opens with a reception October 10, 2014 at 7pm. Known for painting figures in reverse on Plexiglass, Rheuban describes his work this way:

When I create a painting, some part of my psyche–as it has experienced life–is reflected in the image. I use color in any way that appeals to me at the moment of creation. … By being an artist in today’s chaotic world, I give my life an extra meaning. I hope that my painting will resonate with some people and enhance their understanding of their life on this planet at this time.”

Sid Rheuban, Another Talking Head

Sid Rheuban, Another Talking Head

Solid Movement

Jenniffer Omaitz


Jenniffer Omaitz’s show Solid Movement has been extended, and will appear in our project space through September 30, 2014. She describes her work:

The work struggles to define beauty, exploring abstraction as incident and artifact of the process in which paint is applied. There is a constant struggle between surface and ground and between paint and the boundaries within the painting.”

Omaitz, Solid Movement

Omaitz, Solid Movement

Solid Movement, works of Jenniffer Omaitz: Extended through Sept. 30

Warm Heavy Lift, works of Qian Li: August 1 – September 30

Sid Rheuban at 90, paintings by Sid Rheuban: Opening October 10

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