Art for All, at the Art Therapy Studio

“I can’t draw a straight line!” “A child could do better.” “I am not an artist.” As an art therapist, I hear these unfortunate phrases uttered by adults whose judgmental attitudes hold them back from deeply creative experiences. Sometimes our biggest disability is the inner critic. In the Art Therapy Studio, however, we find crafty ways of pushing past blocks, in whatever forms they may take.


Since1967, we have believed in the power of the creative process to make positive changes in the artist’s life. Whatever crisis a person has experienced, be it a terrifying cancer diagnosis, stroke, or trauma, art making is healing and life-enhancing.


While our work continues in three major hospitals and many local agencies, we also offer classes that anyone can join at four community studios across town.


Can’t grip a brush? We’ve got a fix for that. Difficulty speaking? We’ll help you say it through your art. Stressed-out? We’ll show you outlets to explore. Don’t want to even talk about it? Fine: let’s make art!


“Discover the Artist Within You” classes help adults of all abilities develop their artistic talent as they deal with pain, stress, or life-altering changes resulting from serious illness or disability. Join a class at any time. Visit to find out more.


Art Therapy Studio

12200 Fairhill Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44120