Unfortunately, Michelangelo didn’t have Spray Paint or a Satellite to Launch

Michelangelo was a prolific artist, but with spray paint, that ceiling in Rome would have been done in a fraction of time and would have allowed Mr. Buonarroti time to paint all the ceilings and walls of Italy! Furthermore, can you imagine his technique and flow with some of those cans of compressed air and enamel?


The Day I Stopped Believing, by Bob Peck

The Day I Stopped Believing, by Bob Peck

Fortunately, today we have Steve Ehret, Bob Peck and Ron Copeland! Rather than slow, tedious snail-paced methods, these artists make work that leaves behind jet trails. They have flow and energy, yet a powerful, solid stance! All three artists have their rebellious roots from graffiti influence.


Ron Copeland’s work appears to challenge the space it inhabits with disdain; much like a child will transform a neat and tidy room into a fun environment in minutes! At first it seems chaotic, yet one quickly realizes that he creates a world of magic.


Speaking of children, Steve Ehret draws and paints intricate fantasy worlds and creatures that seem to have come out of some great children’s books. He creates beautiful, sensitive flowing forms in his drawing and painting and contrasts them with scrubbed, energetic wild layers of whatever medium he has in his hands. He is adept with pencil, watercolor, oils and spray cans. Size is no concern for Ehret. I’m sure he could have painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling as well as a cover to a CD case.


Bob Peck, the most graffiti-influenced artist of the trio, surprisingly makes the prettiest paintings. At a glance, his work screams “this is graffiti,” with flowing spray-painted directional and action-oriented wisps of paint. Well, of course! He was a rebellious graff writer in his earlier years. His work draws you in to analyze the layers, twists and intricacies that appear to have been applied with high speed spray energy. This is where you discover that he paints with intuition, yet with great care and thought. Much quicker than Michelangelo, Peck’s work still must involve time and planning. They are meticulous and delightful, yet exude the Zen of his freedom and inner child.


Undercurrent is the title of the exhibition, featuring these three great Cleveland artists! Come to this event on Friday, May 2nd from 6:00PM till Midnight. There will be great edgy live music and my usual splash!!


Also, a reminder, this spring will bring the opening of Satellite, my new installation gallery in Collinwood. It will feature exciting installations that fill the rooms in this Unique (with a capital “U”) venue–a small house, transformed into a spaceship! If Michelangelo were alive today, I would have asked him for a proposal to do an installation. Because he isn’t, there are still rooms available for the spring grand-opening. Installation ideas? Contact me soon!!!





Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113




Undercurrent: works of Steve Ehret, Bob Peck and Ron Copeland

6 pm to midnight, Friday, May 2, 2014



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