Spirit & Matter at Kokoon Arts Gallery

Spirit & Matter(May 17 –September 14) presents work that embodies the primal essence of Artistic Creation, the Alchemy of Creating Art. The ethereal, creative Spirit conjures

and crystallizes an artwork into the physical realm of Matter through the medium

of the Artist. The exhibition focuses on several accomplished regional artists working in mixed media, painting, ceramics and stone sculpture to bring the invisible spirit into the visible world.

 As Jean Arp says, “The starting point for my work is from the inexplicable, from the divine.”

Charles Gilchrist, Prayer for Peace

 Susan Squires uses an ancient technique called encaustic painting, building an intriguingly complex image with found objects, pigments and wax. The final works have a beautiful translucent glow with perceptible depth and a sense of mystery.

 Charles Gilchrist has been working for decades to incorporate Sacred Geometry

as the primary design element in his paintings, prints and mixed media works.

His interest in meditation and mandalas has evolved into complex imagery that combines linear design, color and texture into strikingly beautiful pieces.

 Chuck Herndon’s eye for the raw materials created through various geologic processes of our Earth enables him to transform the stone into an even more beautiful and sensual objet d’art. Soft stone appears folded and twisted, while the harder rock pieces are polished and rough, enhancing the beauty of its constituent elements.

 Andrea LeBlond’s new ceramic work has evolved into pieces echoing metaphysical and basic organic elements. Utilizing a large bowl format, she highlights the pieces with subtle coloration, texture and glazes.

Charles Herndon, Dichotomy.

Other artists include Clarence Carter, Ernie Horvath, Greg Little & Evie Zimmer.

 The Cabinets of Curiosities have become a permanent attraction in the gallery,

with an assortment of natural and man-made objects from different places and times, as an homage to the Art of Collecting All Things of Interest!

 Michael Nekic’s Altered City digital images of Cleveland and other Rust Belt Cities will be presented at this year’s Ingenuity Festival in September.

 Spirit & Matter

May 17 – September 14

Kokoon Arts Gallery

1305 West 80th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44102