Knock Knock. “Who’s There?” Opportunities. “Opportunities Who?” Opportunities Knock! Loren Naji Studio Gallery makes a Call to Artists and Announces New Exhibition Space!

Loren Naji Studio Gallery offers a shotgun blast of news for the summer, including exhibition space expanding into another room, a planned expansion into another neighborhood, and plenty of opportunity for artists.

 First, my familiar main gallery space has expanded into the adjacent, furniture-filled room, which has become “The Lounge Gallery.” Meanwhile, that original gallery will henceforth be called “The Parlor,” unless someone comes up with a better name!

 But I have even bigger news. I have been awarded a property, along with two grants in order to create a new one -of -a -kind art venue in Collinwood. I have wild ideas and shows planned, and I even need a live- in curator—not to mention other curators and artists–to help bring these shows and adventures to fruition! Each of the twelve rooms in the new Collinwood venue will feature installations by individual artists. Indeed, every room and surface of the house will be used for exhibition, including the exterior.

 In fact, the exterior of this house will literally become a gallery turned inside-out. Using weather resistant paint on panels and repurposed frames, artists will create work to be attached to the facade. This spectacle will allow onlookers to view art from the sidewalk and street! As paintings are sold, they will be replaced by new ones, creating an ever changing, mosaic-like exterior. This striking marvel will create intrigue and draw viewers to enter the space to discover the artist installations.

I need local artists to create works for the exterior, installation artists for the interior and one more special person to live rent free in one room of this gallery and act as gallerist, curator and co-director. Please call me at the gallery, 216.621.6644 for information.

Following are more opportunities associated with upcoming shows:

Tall Walls, Unjuried, Uncensored” show, a co-production of CWAL and Loren Naji Studio Gallery, opening July 19, 2013. Anyone with art and a $25 dollar entrance fee can participate. Start creating controversial and even offensive art for this extravaganza!

My sister Jamilla Naji, a painter from Albuquerque, will curate a show depicting “the human condition,” with narrative vignettes, opening October 4. Contact my gallery for details.

Skulls, curated by Mary Urbas, opening November 1, 2013. Contact her or myself for inclusion possibilities.

Cleveland Kids Create, curated by my 10 year-old daughter, Brielle Naji, opening December 6, 2013. Featuring work by children between the ages of 5 and 13. Have your kids start creating a piece for this show! All work will be sold for $20.00, providing great holiday gifts and help to a charity for children!

Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113