Life is Good in Marc’s Neighborhood. . . With Help from Art Therapy Studio

“I look so forward to coming to Art Therapy Studio. I love creating here. Art completes me. Thank you, Art Therapy Studio.”

Marc Ranallo is a 30-plus-year survivor of a traumatic brain injury. He was struck by a car when he was just 11 years old  and spent the next three months in a coma, followed by nine months of rehabilitation at MetroHealth Medical Center. He  had to relearn many things, including how to walk and talk.

Marc discovered his passion for art through Art Therapy Studio’s therapeutic art program at MetroHealth and has been  creating art there ever since. He currently attends “Discover the Artist Within You” classes at the studio at Fairhill  Partners.

Creating art builds Marc’s confidence and gives him a sense of identity. He enjoys the sense of community his classes  provide as well as working along others who share his passion for art. He promotes his work in art shows and is  developing a website.

Marc maintains a positive attitude despite his many disabilities. He is grateful for Art Therapy Studio’s services. “I am  dealing with the cards that life has dealt me and am making the best out of a bad situation,” he says. With art therapy,  “life is good in Marc’s neighborhood.”

“Discover the Artist Within You” classes help people like Marc develop their artistic talent as they deal with pain, stress,  and the life-altering changes resulting from serious illness and disability. Spring classes begin April 8. For more information, visit