BAYarts Focus on John W. Carlson

“In all my work I search for the core, that center of the thing, the emotional DNA if you will. That thing which we respond to individually but are ultimately all connected by.”

Award-winning artist John W. Carlson credits the inspiration of artists such as Egon Schiele, Franz Kline, Edward Hopper and Lucien Freud, which led to developing his unique and recognizable style: a balance between expressive drawings  and boldly executed paintings. In his work, John combines traditional oils with alkalids, charcoal and graphite. He works  mostly on large canvases, freely applying his medium without sacrificing subtle emotional details.

This method allows control of the negative space, which is vital to the ambiguity that runs through all of the work. What  appears to be a gentle gesture to some can appear violent or passionate to others. A member of BAYarts faculty, John’s  classes are a favorite of beginners and experienced artists, with his strict emphasis on drawing as a fundamental  requirement for work in all mediums: from painting to sculpture. read more at