Red Dot Project Fishing for Opportunities for Artists


RED DOT Project puts the work of Northeast Ohio artists together with clients who want to enliven their home or  business environments – which does much more than simply sell art: We build community relationships and develop  new markets for artists as entrepreneurs.

In partnership with Follow the Fish Art and Adventure Trail, a project that creatively connects public art and artists to  Lorain County businesses and tourism, we are doing just that. From May through September 2013, hundreds of  artistically painted kinetic perch and walleye sculptures designed by RED DOT Project artist Jim Gundlach will be placed  at businesses and public sites, directing visitors to merchants, restaurants, parks, recreation facilities, special events, festivals and more. An Adventure Trail Map, theme-based trails, and an action-oriented social media campaign will lead  business to sponsors and the region.

In collaboration with Lorain County Community College’s FabLab and Weld Ed facilities, RED DOT Project will train a  team of artists tto create and paint the moving fish alongside Gundlach, while learning to use new tools and technologies  to create their own art products to sell.

See the sculptures and learn more about RED DOT Project at work at the Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery through December  16, 2012, or go to