Cinema 03 and Kasumi at Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery



As children, we may have our favorite bedtime stories or illustrations, or even a favorite piece of music, but for most of  us, the earliest and most enduring art experience is in the cinema. Cinema is a wholly new and transportive experience,  imparting both an immediacy and a distance, almost like watching someone else’s dream. It is the ultimate expression of  the gestalt in art, with the ability to incorporate each of the other arts, it surpasses the impact that each might have on its  own, and in this fusion, it becomes its own exultant art form.

A razor is drawn across an eyeball; a Beast transforms a Beauty’s tears to diamonds; a bone is thrown triumphantly into  the air by a proto-human, cutting to an image of a space station eons in the future; these captured moments in time have  a distinctive means of imprinting themselves upon our memories, catching in our filters and germinating. An artist’s  mind often acts as a lens, refocusing and projecting these elements into new creations, or new translations, embedded with the power of their cinematic progenitors. Last year we continued our ongoing series of exhibitions designed around  cinema as a translated medium. It was exciting to see how various artists incorporated cinema into their work, whether  referencing specific films, genres or cinematic process itself. After the final selections were made, the exhibition consisted of work by 17 artists from 12 cities in 4 countries* and was very well received by the thousands who viewed the work in the gallery and online. This year, we continue with Cinema 03.

*Cleveland, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Greenport, NY; Baltimore, MD; Nashville, TN; Grand Rapids, MI; Chicago, IL; Seattle,  WA; Los Angeles, CA; London, UK; Melbourne, Australia; and Bauru, Brazil

NOVEMBER 16, 2012–JANUARY 5, 2013

Kasumi, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow, is internationally celebrated as a leading innovator of a new art form synthesizing film, sound and video. She has won global acclaim for her experimental films and video art in venues worldwide. Her  richly expressive and compelling compositions have appeared at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Wür ttembergischen  Kunstverein Stuttgart and the Chroma Festival de Arte Audiovisual. With a passion for collaboration, she has created  distinctive media art for a myriad of projects and performed alongside the likes of Grandmaster Flash, DJ Spooky,  Modeselektor, New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, and American Composers Orchestra. Her video, “Breakdown, The Remix” was the 2010 Vimeo Awards Remix Winner. In 2011, Kasumi was awarded the Creative Workforce Fellowship. She also premiered “Happy Birthday Summer,” a new work commissioned for the Cleveland  Museum of Art. Kasumi is an Associate Professor and Motto Chair at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Her latest project,  Shockwaves, is an experimental, feature-length film.