Art House Volunteers Give and Get

Volunteers have enormous impact on nonprofits—but the reverse is also true. To our delight, Art House volunteer Wally  Two Hawks shared what the place meant to him.

Wally came to Art House in 2006 to help with classes and programs. A retired carpenter, he was looking for a way to deal  with retirement and partial blindness. Over the years, Wally met many artists who offered amazing encouragement and  who were influential to him—including Pamela Dodds, Melissa Daubert, Jen Craun, and Liz Maugans. In a recent  conversation, Wally reflected that “I learned how to be an artist simply by helping other artists and children.”

He found himself reinvigorated and energized about his own creativity. After 3 years of volunteering at Art House, Wally  began his own journey toward artistic creation. He left to develop his own body of work. He shared that “Art House had a  significant influence on my confidence in making my own work. I learned to say I was an artist instead of an art student. Through the SEAN program, I had my work critiqued and received helpful feedback that continued to inspire to me.”

Wally continues to assist Melissa Daubert. He also continues to work toward his own one-man show, and stops by on  occasion to help or simply visit. We are proud to know his artistic journey started here! So visit Art House. It might just  inspire you to join the fun!