All Things Considered and Rust Belt (Re)Visions at Kokoon

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, SEPTEMBER 21–DECEMBER 22, 2012: To celebrate the remaining months of 2012, Kokoon Arts Gallery presents the finest work by our historic and  contemporary artists. Brilliant watercolors depict the early Twentieth Century travels of Cleveland school artists Henry  Keller, Frank Wilcox, and Paul Travis. Animal life is rendered in bronze and enamel by Larry Isard and Mary Wawryko,  as well as the watercolors of William E. Scheele. Beautiful stone specimens are sensuously manipulated by Chuck  Herndon. Innovations in printing techniques are explored from the 1960s through the present by Ralph Woehman,  Karen Kunc, Darren Waterson, and Greg Little. Mystical and spiritual images emerge in the work of Ernie Horvath,  Alfredo Arreguin, Susan Squires, and Gary Spinosa. Functional ceramics are raised to new heights by Donna Webb and  Andrea LeBlond. Michael Prunty, Jeff Biggar, Melissa Harris, and Debra Sue Solecki all take different approaches to our  environments through painting and photography.

RUST BELT (RE)VISIONS , SEPTEMBER 21–NOVEMBER 10, 2012: Randall Tiedman’s paintings will be exhibited in Hilary Gent’s gallery and Michael Nekic’s computer graphics in the West  Hall Gallery. Anne Trubek and Richey Piparinen will present a book release and signing of Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland  Anthology. Northeast Ohio is an incredible mix of lush forests and farmlands interrupted by urban industrial areas in  various states of decay and renewal. Tiedman’s grand, sweeping landscapes are concocted from a lifetime of memories,  painted to classical music. Nekic’s magical, otherworldly images are created in Photoshop and various graphics  programs. In traditional and digital media, they provide vastly different visions of our environs.