Echo: Texture, Repetition, and Pattern at E11even 2

“It’s a themed show, but it isn’t so tightly specific to an image or a specific story line,” said R!ch Cihlar, Co-owner of E11even 2 and curator of Echo. The title of the show is “Echo: an exhibition on textures, repetition, and patterns.” The loose parameters set for the artists led to an assortment of interpretations of these themes. Generally […]

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MAKERS: Eileen Dorsey

“I don’t see myself as a landscape artist,” admits Eileen Dorsey… I can’t help but chuckle as I look around her space in 78th Street Studios, the walls covered with colorful landscapes. She corrects herself – “I know I paint landscapes, but I see them as something more.” I agree. Dorsey is known for her oil landscapes – usually she depicts deep, lush forests, […]

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