What do you want the world to know about Cleveland? And what do you think the world could learn from this place? Those questions are on a lot of Northeast Ohio minds as some 50,000 reporters and politically active people are soon to arrive here for the Republican National Convention. We wanted the world’s attention. We got it. Now what […]

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Not Dead Yet: Kate Sopko’s The Fixers

Utter-Fixers-Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.05.52 PM

  Kate Sopko’s series of short films collectively known as The Fixers isn’t exactly about fixing Cleveland, which might be impossible, though her narratives do show people hard at work repairing neighborhoods, hammering at closed minds. But “Fixers” in this usage are really guides to complex social or political situations—insiders who know shortcuts and can give journalists a fast ride […]

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Inter Urban Project Rides RTA The Red Line gets a slew of commissioned murals in time for the RNC

photo: JoAnn Dickey

Visitors arriving in Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention –most of them, at least—will arrive at Hopkins International Airport. The candidates and their top level staffs will probably have chauffers, and lots of others will surely drive rental cars. But with Greater Cleveland RTA offering light rail service directly to the heart of downtown, it’s safe to say that […]

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SUMMER 2016 listings


Your easy, chronological guide to Summer Festivals and all that Northeast Ohio galleries and museums have coming up in the next few months. More information about many of these exhibits can be found elsewhere in the pages of CAN. Enjoy the shows!   Continuing Events   Through June 5 Psycho/Somatic: Visions of the Body in Contemporary East Asian Art. Allen […]

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The Cleveland Foundation Presents CREATIVE FUSION, Global Artists Creating Lasting Impact

Lillianh-Kuri-FullSizeRender (6)

In the previous issue of CAN Journal, we shared the backgrounds, interests and many ways for you to engage with each of the six Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion international artists. This issue highlights the impact of each artist’s residency. The artists arrived in Cleveland the first week of March, and will return to their home countries at the beginning of […]

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Creative Fusion Outcomes, Karen Beckwith Residency in Taiwan


After nominating Taiwanese artists for the Creative Fusion program for more than four years, Bamboo Curtain Studio of Taipei has selected Karen Beckwith for a two-month residency there. The Taiwanese Government will fund the residency. Karen was selected for both her work as a Master Printer in the Printmaking Department of the Cleveland Institute of Art, and for taking inspiration […]

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Inlet Dance Theatre Hio Lin Chuang, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


The installation and performances of My Body is Our Body at SPACES Gallery aptly represented the culmination of the unique three-month collaboration between Taiwanese artist Hui Lin Chuang and the contemporary Inlet Dance Theatre.   The result was an undulating composition of bodies and light, interacting with Chuang’s fantastical human forms. Based on a writing by Chuang of the same […]

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Center for Arts-Inspired Learning Jua-Hua “DuDu” Zhan, Hsinchu City, Taiwan


Melding art, design, and digital technology with local students   You might say that DuDu Zhan has taken Cleveland by storm. Her influence has been electric. Literally.   Art, teaching and digital engineering name only a few of the talents this buoyant Taiwanese innovator has brought to town during her Creative Fusion residency, her first-ever visit to the United States. […]

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