The Creative Fusion Madison Residencies

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A.K. Burns / Brooklyn, New York A.K. Burns is currently at work on a cycle of five video-installations that take speculative fiction as a point of departure. The first, A Smeary Spot (2015) debuted at Participant Inc., NY. As artist-in-residence at the New Museum, Burns debuted the second installation, Living Room (2017), as part of the Spring 2017 Research & […]

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Creative Fusion: Cleveland Urban Design Center / Kent State University – Ernesto Jimenez and Sofia Marques de Aguiar / Fabrica de Arte Cubano (Havana), David Jurca & Graduate Students of CUDC


El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. Workaround Artists When David Jurca, associate director of Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, tells his students to explore “how can small scale interventions open up big opportunities,” the assistant professor of urban design might not be consciously evoking Archimedes, but it does sound a bit like the Greek mathematician’s assertion […]

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Creative Fusion: DANCE Cleveland – Malpaso Dance Company (Havana), Lynn Deering (Cleveland)


El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. Cuban Modern Dance: A Little History It would be unfair to describe the evolution of modern dance in Cuba as “behind”; a better word would simply be “different.” As Malpaso Dance Company choreographer Fernando Saéz puts it in a recent CAN Journal interview, “Isolation and exchange have forged the blend of European, African, […]

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Creative Fusion: Cleveland Print Room – Sandra Ramos & Pilar Rubi (Havana), Greg Martin (Cleveland)

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El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. Not Reflected in the Official Media: Sandra Ramos While all artists’ work reflects their own gaze, Cuban multidisciplinary artist Sandra Ramos makes her that tangible by placing her own image, costumed in the red uniform all Cuban school children wear, at the center of the work. Ramos spent  March in Cleveland working […]

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Creative Fusion: Cleveland Institute of Art – Yasniel Valdes (Havana) & Matthew Hollern (Cleveland)


El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. Traveling Talent When Matthew Hollern visited La Havana with Creative Fusion to scout for a talented visiting artist at CIA Jewelry Department, he had some candidates in mind. The one that really impressed him was Yasniel Valdes, not only for his artistic sense and quality of craft, but also for a formal […]

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Collective Arts Network: Laura Ruiz Montes / Ediciones Vigia (Matanzas, Cuba) & Damaris Punales Alpizar (Cleveland)


El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. Books Endure as Three-Dimensional, Mixed-Media Sculpture I often wonder about the future of books. I do not worry about the content. Humans are not going to stop letting their imaginations run wild, telling stories, recounting history or pondering philosophical and social facts. But inevitably, in time, technology will change the way we […]

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CREATIVE FUSION OUTCOMES: Exploring the Public Interface


El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. The Cleveland Foundation generously gave me the opportunity to visit Havana with Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. The trip was an opportunity to experience a different culture and learn about arts-based projects –including the Fabrica de Arte Cubano–that could inspire public programming work I do at MOCA Cleveland. FAC (“Cuban […]

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The Cleveland Foundation Presents: Creative Fusion, The Shared Legacy of Resurgence

Creative Fusion logo - Cuba Edition

  El mismo articulo aparece abajo en traduccion Espanol. At some level, artists working together can’t help but discover that we are more alike than not. Searching for what we have in common is an inevitable part of artistic collaboration, especially when the  collaborators come from places as different as Cleveland and Havana. Beyond the universally human, though, it is […]

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US – Cuba Relations: A Little Context


In a time of crisis, the peoples of the world must rush to get to know each other. – José Martí, Cuban national hero Sometimes, the imaginable is so deeply entrenched and taken for granted that when the unimaginable finally does occur, it almost seemed inevitable. A week before Christmas in 2014, two sovereign presidents, each in televised fanfare from […]

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