Creativity Works at CIA

On one of the first summery Saturdays in spring, Laura Yurko draped herself in vibrant fabric and walked slowly around the gallery at Praxis Fiber Workshop in Waterloo. A crocheted shroud hid most of her face. For hours, Laura and a pair of friends created her performance piece, Ensnare/Drift. They walked and crawled in the space, peeking through eyeholes. They […]

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A Celebration of Cleveland’s Women Artists

For over a century, the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) has provided essential training for many of Northern Ohio’s most vibrant and productive women artists. Their artistic work encompassed a wide range of media: oil and watercolor, sculpture, illustration and design, silversmithing and jewelry-making, enameling, ceramics and textiles. Many of the women had successful careers as designers and illustrators; some […]

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Creativity Matters: Grafton Nunes and the New Unified Campus of the Cleveland Institute of Art

“Our values today are not very different from the values of  Viktor Schreckengost.  We believe in discipline, a close reading of the reality around you, a connection with the viewer and end user.  We give our students traditional drawing skills, and knowledge of color theory, composition, and perspective.  Today these very important foundational skills are being applied to 3D animation, […]

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