MAKERS: Rebekah Wilhelm


The first time I saw Rebekah Wilhelm’s work I was seriously frustrated. The piece was a large installation of tiny scraps of paper strung together like a chain mail screen (above). On each piece of paper was a word, just barely legible in the dim light of the gallery. As I found myself struggling to read the words and piece together […]

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The Muse, Revised: Lissa Rivera at the Cleveland Print Room

Lissa Rivera, Motel, Virginia, 2015

  “Women don’t usually have muses” explains Lissa Rivera, gesturing at her genderqueer partner, artistic collaborator, and muse BJ Lillis during her recent artist talk at the Cleveland Print Room. And of course it’s true – women most frequently are the object of the male artist’s inspiration, the bottom player of a power structure so ubiquitous that it has become ingrained in the very fabric of art […]

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Dark Forms at the Canton Museum of Art

Dark Forms of Tom Bartels at the Canton Museum of Art

Nothing speaks of mystery with more sibilance than an ancient tomb, where half-seen shapes whisper to the unconscious mind. Ohio University professor Tom Bartel’s most recent ceramic works, glazed with metallic oxides and high kiln temperatures to a cindery brownish-black, mean to evoke just that response.   Installed in a small room to one side of a large gallery at […]

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MAKERS: Eileen Dorsey


“I don’t see myself as a landscape artist,” admits Eileen Dorsey… I can’t help but chuckle as I look around her space in 78th Street Studios, the walls covered with colorful landscapes. She corrects herself – “I know I paint landscapes, but I see them as something more.” I agree. Dorsey is known for her oil landscapes – usually she depicts deep, lush forests, […]

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Searching for Equality: Jessica Pinsky at BAYarts


  “Weaving represents the inherent geometry of life and by stressing, cutting and manipulating this geometry, I constantly challenge and question this reality.” – Jessica Pinsky   As I looked at Jessica Pinsky’s stunning weavings in the Sullivan Family gallery at BAYArts, I kept thinking about Greek mythology.  Several stories from antiquity include weaving as a motif, but today I’m thinking about Philomela […]

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