MAKERS: Grace Frank


“I like making art that makes people laugh,” says Grace Frank in her Lakewood studio, as I’m contemplating a painting of an ice cream cone lounging on a car. It’s great. Then she explains that it was a gift for her boyfriend, and is a self-portrait – inspired by their frequent trips to get ice cream. Even better. Frank has […]

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Katy Richards: Fluid Depths at HEDGE

Katy Richards, Dance of the Butterfly, from Fluid Depths, on view at HEDGE Gallery

Katy Richards’ new work showcases her classic exuberance for the materiality of oils, as well as her obvious firsthand knowledge of her new waterlogged subjects. The paint oozes around the surface of the works, alive, about to swim off the canvas. The scale of Richards’ new work is impressive, with statement pieces like “Dance of the Butterfly” as large as […]

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MAKERS: Amy Casey

I remember the first time I saw Amy Casey’s work. It was at the SPACES 30th Anniversary Exhibition back in 2008. I see a lot of shows, and I can barely remember my phone number sometimes, but Casey’s world left a lasting impression.  It’s a world of towering buildings, houses stacked upon houses upon houses, buildings swinging in fishing nets, precarious and chaotic, […]

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US – Cuba Relations: A Little Context


In a time of crisis, the peoples of the world must rush to get to know each other. – José Martí, Cuban national hero Sometimes, the imaginable is so deeply entrenched and taken for granted that when the unimaginable finally does occur, it almost seemed inevitable. A week before Christmas in 2014, two sovereign presidents, each in televised fanfare from […]

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CIA At Home in Crocker Park

It's A Wonderful, Lane Cooper

For those with a soft spot for the 78th Street Studios , which once was home to American Greetings’ Creative Studios, it’s a particular treat to see “Creative Studios” splashed across the swanky new Crocker Park storefront of Gallery W.  And crazier still is to see two of Lane Cooper’s works in the window, familiar faces welcoming the public into […]

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MAKERS: Corrie Slawson


“It’s all about the stairs” said Corrie Slawson as I entered her lovely Cleveland Heights century home where both her studio and her printing outfit “Ping Pong Press” are located. I wasn’t sure what she meant about the stairs until she said, “So I think we should go top to bottom”. So off we went up two staircases to reach her […]

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