Twenty Years of Zygote Press

What does 20 years look like? Over 100 exhibitions, hundreds of classes and thousands of students and audience members, and of course the myriad artists who have worked at the shop—both in our current location and our original spot on 72nd street. Artists from five continents have participated in programs, worked with our resident artists, staff and community, and have left their inky mark on us.  Our archives are teeming with history—at this point there are over 1300 works in our archives by more than 200 global artists—from unique monoprints, to books, to sculptural works and ephemera—there are also editions, variables and digital prints. All of it coming from Zygote’s presses and artists.  That’s what 20 years looks like.

To commemorate Zygote’s 20 years as one of Cleveland’s most unique and exuberant arts organizations, we are rolling out 20 free events for the public to catch printmaking fever.  Throughout 2016, new and old audiences will have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of activities, all designed to engage people of all ages to learn and communicate about the awesome power of prints as we FREE THE INK.

Our schedule is full of special workshops, visiting artists from near and far, appearances at festivals with hands-on activities and more.  We will be holding two WIP sessions, where artists show their works-in-progress, a Green Symposium about our new non-toxic initiative, and a full schedule of innovative exhibitions.  In our first full year of producing editions at Ink House in the Waterloo district, we are working with 5 artists who will give public talks about their work.  There is something for everyone, and with all of this we are adhering to our mission to support artists creating new work, audiences exploring new ideas, and collaborations strengthening our community.

Our centerpiece exhibition, ReUNITE: 20 Years in Prints, will feature more than 30 artists who have worked within the friendly confines of Zygote Press over the years, lovingly curated by co-founders Liz Maugans and Bellamy Printz.  The Zygote archives are a record of who and what has happened creatively since our inception, and there are hundreds of artists who have left exquisite examples of their works for inclusion.

Our signature programs: AIR, Monothon, the Dresden Residency program, along with our other Rasmuson and Creative Fusion residency programs, are represented here.  In ReUNITE, we have the opportunity to look back at some of the artists who have made Zygote Press what it is today.  Prints by artists who were part of Zygote’s earliest days in our first workshop in the old Buckeye Carbon building, like Gloria Plevin, Lawrence Channing, Reverend Albert Wagner, Wendy Collin Sorin, and Laila Voss, as well as some who followed us to our new facility on East 30th, like Karen Beckwith, Margaret Yuko Kimura, Michael Loderstedt and Claudio Orso.  Artists who are working at Zygote now are also prominently featured as we look to Zygote’s future: Christi Birchfield, Corrie Slawson, Wendy Partridge, Dante Rodriguez, to name a few.

A highlight of the exhibition will be a special panel on March 19, moderated by William Busta, and featuring a reunion of Zygote’s artist co-founders and alumni in what will no doubt be a lively and revealing review of the last two decades. It’s just one of the many chances to take part in our anniversary year. Come see what 20 years looks like all year long at Zygote Press!


Zygote Press

1410 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114



ReUNITE: 20 Years in Print: curated by Liz Maugans & Bellamy Printz. March 11 – April 16.

Opening reception 6 – 8 pm  March 11

Panel Discusion with Founders, Alumni and Resident Artists, moderated by Bill Busta 1:30-3pm March 19

Zygote Membership Drie Happy Hour /Screening of Proceed to Be Bold, about Amos Kennedy the amazing letterpress printer. We will buy your first beer with any membership! Bring a friend! @ Happy Dog EAST 6:30-8pm April 14

Creative Fusion resident artist, Anila Rubiku artist presentation 10-noon April 23

Anila Rubiku Creative Fusion Artist  EXHIBITION: May 6 – 28 6-8pm

Rasmuson Alaskan Exchange resident artist Sarah Tabbert, Breakfast presentation and Meet the Artist Party  10-noon June 4