Zygote Press: My New Home

Jane A. Black, new executive director of Zygote Press

“You’re so brave,” people have been saying. “I can’t believe you are moving away.” Part of me laughed at the notion that relocating from Dayton to Cleveland constituted a bold action—after all, I don’t even have to get a new driver’s license. And there are a lot of similarities between Zygote and the Dayton Visual Arts Center, where I was […]

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As I wind down at Zygote Press, I wanted to make note of some of my favorite moments in these last 21 years. The meeting of the founding team—Joe, Kelly and Bellamy—they all were passionate, purpose-driven artists who worked with me to create a place where artists could interact with each other, and produce amazing work. The people I have […]

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The Translation of Print


When a non-print-based artist wonders about the possibilities of printmaking and what the medium offers, it is usually a mixed bag. The backwards thing, the lack of immediacy and too much process are responses that are all too often a deterrent for artists to see inside the incredible Candyland of print. Many artists took a print class years ago and […]

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Scratching The Surface: New Works by Darius Steward

Darius Steward

  For many people, the blank page can be an intimidating place to start. Whether you are a writer or a visual artist, the bleached sanitized glow of a white piece of paper can be paralyzing and anxiety-inducing. Where do I start? Where do I end? The initial marks seem so important and influences every mark moving forward. Yet, Darius […]

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Test Pattern

Liz Maugans

Sure, some printmakers are traditional practitioners of a craft: They cling to techniques like rote prayers which, properly recited, will deliver them to the Promised Land, and Bless Them for that. But something about printmaking drives another set toward experimentation. It’s like the pursuit of alchemy, trying different ingredients and ways of mixing them, hunting some new recipe for gold. […]

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The Democracy of Print: Freeing the Ink at Zygote Press


For centuries, printmaking has been considered the most democratic of all art forms. Starting with the invention of the Gutenberg Press, printmaking has allowed information to be disseminated to the masses so everyone could enjoy and understand the communication of political, personal and societal ideas. To leverage the political discourse motivated by the RNC, Zygote delivers countless ways to get […]

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Creative Fusion: “What is this city about?” / Anila Rubiku / Durres, Albania / Zygote Press


Albanian by birth and a global nomad living between Toronto, Milan, and Tirana, Albania, Anila Rubiku is an artist who brings voice to important social issues.  When her residency at Zygote Press begins March 1, her plan is to immerse herself in local culture and learn about daily life. “What is this city about?” she asks. “What is the political […]

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Twenty Years of Zygote Press

What does 20 years look like? Over 100 exhibitions, hundreds of classes and thousands of students and audience members, and of course the myriad artists who have worked at the shop—both in our current location and our original spot on 72nd street. Artists from five continents have participated in programs, worked with our resident artists, staff and community, and have […]

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