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  • "Susan Squires Reflects on the Memory of Trees" in Blog
  • "Questions of Reverie, at Maria Neil Art Project" in 11(1) Spring 2022
  • "Universal Themes in Kindred Objects at AAWR" in Blog
  • "The Myths of Ken Nevadomi" in Blog
  • "Ron Shelton: A World Wrapped in Plastic" in Blog
  • "Balbo Searches for A Second Moon at the Morgan" in Blog
  • "Anthony Eterovich Retrospective: A Stage is Set at Massillon Museum" in Blog
  • "Sonata #6 at Survival Kit: Connecting Music and Visual Art" in 10(3) Fall 2021
  • "James March: Blending Logic with Emotion" in Blog
  • "Digital to Analog, Analog to Digital: Kasumi and Mark Schatz at Zygote Press" in Blog
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