Contemporary Debris & 52nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition at Valley Art Center

Ron Shelton holding elements of the sculpture which will decorate the façade of the Valley Art Center for Contemporary Debris. Photo by Michael Steinberg.

Valley Art Center is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, Contemporary Debris. This invitational group show will present a remarkable assortment of artwork created with recycled materials, curated by Valley Art Center Assistant Director and Gallery Manager Julie Polsinelli and The Gallery at Lakeland Community College Gallery Coordinator/Exhibition Curator/Installation Designer Mary Urbas. The exhibition will showcase the extraordinary talent of Northeast Ohio artists who embody the spirit of creativity, resourcefulness, and environmental consciousness.

From sculptures meticulously crafted from scrap metal to intricate collages assembled from found objects, the participating artists have pushed the boundaries of creativity and demonstrated the incredible potential of repurposed materials. By finding beauty in what society has discarded, these artists implore viewers to reconsider their relationship with the objects they cast aside.

“Throughout art history, secondhand objects and found objects have played a significant role in artistic expression. Artists have long recognized the beauty and potential of repurposing everyday items, breathing new life into discarded materials,” says co-curator Julie Polsinelli. “From Marcel Duchamp’s ‘readymades’ in the early twentieth century to the pop art movement’s elevation of consumer objects, artists have sought to redefine the boundaries of art by incorporating these unconventional elements. By incorporating secondhand and found objects, artists infuse their work with layers of history and personal narratives, challenging viewers to reconsider the value and meaning of the objects that surround them.”

Will Wilson, The Forest. People’s Choice Award for the 51st Annual Juried Art Exhibition.

As a part of Contemporary Debris, Valley Art Center’s façade will be adorned with a stunning recycled wall sculpture, from Ron Shelton, which will have a second life following its creation in Riverside Park in April. Shelton, a Cleveland-based artist known for his remarkable sculptures made from recycled materials, brings his talent and passion for environmental sustainability to this project. For the full list of artists and more information on this exhibition, please visit

Valley Art Center also cordially invites artists within 250 miles of Chagrin Falls to submit their artwork for consideration in the 52nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition. Over $3,500 in cash will be awarded for Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, and several community-sponsored awards. The submission period closes on October 6; find comprehensive information and submission guidelines at Then, please join us for our most prestigious annual exhibition of the year as it runs from November 3 through December 13.

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Contemporary Debris, Opening reception 6pm Friday, September 8

Call for Artists Closes: 52nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition, 4pm Friday, October 6

52nd Annual Juried Art Exhibition, November 3–December 13. Opening reception 6pm Friday, November 3