Then, Now, and To Come: East Ave Market and Gallery

Tony Sutton. Image courtesy of East Avenue Market and Gallery.

What the East Ave Market and Gallery used to be, what we are now, and what is to come soon.

East Ave Market and Gallery is a family-owned and -operated business established in the city of Akron. Opening in 2020 as a monthly flea market, East Ave Market became known for its Second Saturday events. After remodeling their warehouse space to include a gallery, the flea market officially became East Ave Market and Gallery. Their mission: to help a diverse group of professional, self-taught, and promising artists showcase their work.

The proud founder and owner is matriarch Jacqueline Harris. An artist herself, Jacqueline uses her years of experience with a wide variety of mediums to create her artwork. A wife of 42 years, mother of five children, and grandmother of four, she has additional experience as a seamstress, caterer, interior decorator, and business manager. Jacqueline implanted in her family the training needed to be well-placed artists and entrepreneurs.

Her daughter and co-founder, Charlee Harris, works as a community leader with several nonprofit organizations, including Akron Black Artist Guild. Charlee is the gallery’s artistic director and one of its curators. Her objective is to bring together the Akron community and diversify its art scene by hosting classes and showcasing local poets, writers, and musicians, but her main focus is encouraging local artists and supporting them through their artistic endeavors.

Louise Bane is East Ave Gallery’s event coordinator and lead curator. Like her mother Jacqueline, Louise works with several different mediums as an artist, but her first love is sculpting. Louise also has a passion for baking and uses her skill as a sculptor to create beautiful sculpted cakes. Her company, Weezie Cakes, designs cakes that fool the eye and taste phenomenal. Louise believes everyone has the talent to express themselves artistically if given the right encouragement.

Moving away from the flea market setting, East Ave creates a space for small businesses to sell their unique items. With their handmade jewelry, coffee, and beauty products, these skilled vendors uplift the community.

East Ave hopes to continue bringing together a diverse group of artists with distinctive stories, while adding more programming and events in the new year. Additionally, they hope to expand the market to include more vendors.

2290 East Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44314
Instagram: @eastavemarket
Facebook: East Ave Market