La Cosecha Galeria: Historic Documentary Campaign

Palin Perez Jackson, foreground, with La Cosecha founder Will Sanchez.

La Cosecha Galeria is the place where artists meet to make use of what is available in the area, the fruit at hand. Instead of looking elsewhere for sustenance, to grow and feed off our own talent. In 2001 the first Latino-owned and -managed art gallery in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area was born: La Cosecha Galeria (The Harvest Gallery). But it stood for much more; it was an understanding, a union, an opportunity to display an identity. The ability to open the doors to other artists as an outlet to what is possible. Well received by the community, who until then were starved for a place to showcase their culture and artistic abilities.

Installation view of the first show at La Cosecha Galeria

We have further developed into a specialty retail store offering a large array of artists’ materials and supplies, crafters’ needs, a fine art gallery, performance space and an education center providing a pleasant facility that inspires and supports amateurs, professionals, and crafters in the art community. La Cosecha Galeria sponsored art shows and competitions, art and craft fairs, scholarships for artists to continue their formal education, and other community events. We have facilitated, organized, and offered creative workshops and classes in a variety of techniques and media. It is an ongoing process to ensure objectives are met within the scope of our mission, working in accordance with set goals to meet high standards while procurement of external relations and strategic partnerships continues to expand.

Installation view of the first show at La Cosecha Galeria

LCG Documentary Campaign

Since 2001, La Cosecha Galeria has welcomed artists to develop not only as studio artists, but as artists who collaborate and co-design with community partners and residents around a collaboratively-defined aspiration. We operate a wide range of professional development training events throughout the year, including workshops, peer discussion groups, seminars, and talks, along with our annual calendar of visual arts events and exhibitions. The delivery of this program is greatly supported by our relationship with local and international arts professionals and partner organizations throughout the world. We collaborate in partnership with local authorities, visual arts venues, and others, combining resources to support the professional development of visual artists at the regional level.

Over the course of the next few months, a documentary will be produced to establish our impact upon the art industry and the process of how artists develop.

Vocero Latino News Media Podcast

We are proud to be the host for the weekly podcast Coversado Con Haguit Marrero y Elvin Santiago produced by Cleveland Vocero Latino News—recorded every Saturday featuring a diversity of local people, inspiring stories, controversial topics, and performances and open to the public during our hours of operation.

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