Artists Announced for CAN Triennial 2022: You Are Here

The Curators for CAN Triennial 2022 : You Are Here have considered several hundred  applications and took an additional month to make their choices, but on January 31 announced the artists they have chosen for the exhibition.

CAN Triennial 2022: You Are Here is a city-wide exhibition of Northeast Ohio art making, concurrent with FRONT International Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, in July and August, 2022.  CAN Triennial highlights the galleries and studios that support the regional culture by enabling and exhibiting works of Northeast Ohio artists.  It will take place in more than 15 venues, clustered in six Cleveland neighborhoods.

The exhibition is produced by Collective Arts Network, the nonprofit publisher of CAN Journal, with support from Art Every Space, and is being planned by a diverse curatorial team, including: Mike Gutiérrez, Kristin Rogers, Darius Steward, Thea Spittle, and the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Currently Under Curation mastery program for Cleveland students, including Shree Ghosh, Abby Hope, Jamal Ledonté, Arica McKinney, Sarah Voss, and Jacklyn Walker.

The Curators, the Collective Arts Network Board of Directors, and staff invite all artists and the public to a reception 6-8 pm Friday, March 4 at FIG  (in the Pivot Center, 2937 W. 25th St., Cleveland, OH 44113) when they plan additional announcements, and when the Spring 2022 issue of CAN Journal will debut.

Artists of CAN Triennial 2022: You Are Here

Abigail Cipar

Aimee Lee

Aja Joi Grant

Allison B. Hall

Amani Williams

Amber Glendell McClendon

Amy Casey

Anitra Frazier

Antwoine Washington

Arnold Tunstall

Arron Bound

Augusto Bordelois

Bellamy Printz

Ben Oblivion

Bernadette Glorioso

Bob Peck

Bob Walls

Bobbi Reagins

Bruce Buchanan

Cathie Bleck

Charles Jeffrey Mintz

Christa Freehands

Christopher Hoot

Christopher Pelrine

Connor Goodwin

Corrie Slawson (Creative Destruction Collective)


Dale A. Goode

Dana Depew

Dana Oldfather

Dante Rodriguez

David Buttram

David Kammer Ross

David King

David Louis Cintron

Davin Ebanks

Davon Brantley

Derek Walker

Douglas Max Utter

Elizabeth Lax

Ellen Ann Gallup

Eric Rippert

Erykah Townsend

Eva Kwong

Frank Hadzima

Gary R. Williams

Grace Summanen

Gwendolyn Garth

Hadley K Conner

Harris Rosenblum

Jacob Koestler

Jacques Payne Jackson

James Quarles

Jennifer Masley

Jill Yanik Eisert

Joe Dill

John W. Carlson

Jon Kvassay

Jordi Rowe

Julia Milbrandt

Julie Friedman

Julius Lyles

Justin Brennan

Justin Michael Will

Kacey Gill

Karen D Beckwith

Karl Anderson


Katlin Shae

Katy Richards

Kayli Salzano

Kole Robinson Brooks

Kristen Cliffel

Kristen Newell

Laila Voss

Lasaundra Robinson

Latecia Delores Wilson

Laureen Deveney

Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Lawrence Baker

Leigh Brooklyn

Lori Kella

Maeve Billings

Mallorie Freeman

Max Markwald

Max McMillen

Maxmillian Peralta

Maya Matthews

Megan Lubey

Melinda Placko

Melissa English Campbell

Micah Kraus

Michael Gannon

Michael Loderstedt

Michael Mikula

Miguel Rivera Vera

Mike Meier

Molly Fitzpatrick

Myron Gilbert

Nikki Woods

Nolan Meyer

Omid Shekari

Omid Tavakoli

Orville Brown

Qian Li

Rachel Beamer

Rebekah Anne Wilhelm

Rita Montlack

Robin Haller

Ron Shelton

Sarah Curry

Sarah Kabot

Sarah Paul

Sean Wheeler

Seneca Kuchar

Shani Richards

Steve Macadams

Steven Gutierrez

Susan Snipes

Suzanne Head

Sydney Kay

Theadis Reagins

Tyler Zeleny

Valerie Goodman

Will Wilson

Yuko Kimura

Zeerak Ahmed

CAN Triennial 2022 is supported by the Cleveland Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, Ohio Arts Council, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, the Chuck and Char Fowler Foundation, the Andrews Foundation,  venue partners, and individual donors.

The opinions expressed on CAN Blog are those of the individual writers. Art is somewhat subjective. Well, somewhat. But yes, everybody's a critic.