A Farewell to Augustus Turner

Self Portrait


Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, from humble beginnings, Augustus Turner remembered being inspired at an early age by watching and admiring others draw superheroes and cartoon characters—to the point where he picked up a pencil and never put it down. Confident, assertive, humorous, and humble all in one, this is the Augustus Turner I had the pleasure and honor of journeying with! “Never become complacent, always pursue excellence!” was his mantra.

Up until he withdrew from this earthly plane on October 16, 2021, art was an integral part of Gus’ life. He was always armed with a sketchbook and an art tool of some kind. He was truly a friend, always giving unconditional support and encouragement. Hearing the news of his transitioning left a hole in my soul until I found out that Gus’ final art piece was a portrait of me. A gift of love and honor!

Thank you, Lord, for the Gift of Augustus Turner to me and to the world!

Augustus Turner, graphite drawing

1383 East 34th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114