La Cosecha to open New Location with Creative Café in Spring, 2021

La Cosecha Galeria crew (above). Photography by Drae Lens.

La Cosecha Galeria, a well-publicized art gallery owned by artist Will “Topiltzin” Sanchez, which has welcomed artists to develop since 2001, is moving from Storer Avenue to Pearl Road, and plans a new venture in a new location, housing its gallery, a second outlet for The Headshop boutique, and an added worldly café environment: the Creative Café.

Being an artist/entrepreneur takes much sacrifice and patience. Many times your mind wanders to the perspective of others: staff, artists, colleagues, and the community which we reflect and serve. We have always welcomed artists to develop, not only as studio artists, but as artists that collaborate and co-design with community partners or residents around a collaboratively-defined aspiration—working together towards a collective goal that causes real, effective change in the world, whether that goal is to be a voice of the underserved or a tool for economic development. Most of us appreciate the intrinsic benefits of the arts—their beauty and vision; how they inspire, soothe, provoke, and connect us. When it comes time to make tough funding choices, however, elected officials and business leaders need to have strong and credible data that demonstrate the economic benefits of a vibrant arts and culture industry. As the arts flourish, so will creativity and innovation—the fuel that drives our global economy. No longer do business and elected leaders need to choose between arts and economic prosperity. Nationally, as well as locally, the arts mean business.

The art gallery and boutique are not simply retail outlets, but our creative mirrors. After months of planning and do-it-yourself labor in our off time to bring together a business model that would meld our travel experiences and artistic passion, we opened the doors of our original The Head Shop boutique at 3359 West 58th Street in Cleveland on February 1, 2020. We focused on highlighting the counterculture aspect in retail and supporting the arts via the gallery programming. Thanks to our clientele and supporters, we survived 2020 with continued strategies to expand as a business and an arts and culture venue during a still very tumultuous time for all. As we survey the landscape for the future in the creative industry, by transforming we plan to reach another level of celebration of local artisans and entrepreneurs in 2021.

La Cosecha / The Creative Café’s scheduled grand opening is March 1 at 4490 Pearl Road, Cleveland. For more information, contact Will Sanchez at (216) 385-9545 or via email at


Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday from 12PM to 8PM

Two Convenient Locations: La Cosecha Galeria • The Headshop

New Café Address: 4490 Pearl Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Websites: •

Contact: Will Sanchez Owner/Artist/Activist

(216) 385-9545 •