Roots to Love Celebrates Black Men and Fathers at Framed Gallery

Artist Michael Gibson will exhibit in Roots To Love, opening December 4 at Framed Gallery.

Framed Gallery continues exhibiting and selling works of African American artists, and—in new ways—adding to the dialog and the evolution of artistic traditions.

On Friday, December 4, Framed presents a new exhibit, Roots to Love. The exhibit celebrates Black men and fathers. It is a group show featuring works of Charly Palmer, Evita Tezeno, Joyce Owens, Gerald Griffin, Chukes, Tiffani Glenn, and others.

Additionally, Gallery Director Stacey Bartels has introduced the idea of “The Black Cube,” and invites artists to participate by responding to the idea and sending images of their exhibits to her.

“The Black Cube is a shared communal idea to transform the traditional white cube space into a black cube space. This seemingly simple idea questions the authority of the white cube as a place in which art is consecrated,” Bartels says. “The Black Cube is an idea that we place in the commons: in other words, something that we invite all to participate in. The model is simple: a space in which the walls and ceiling are black. That is the only rule. We seek to invite you to share your exhibits with Stacy Bartels who will select curated exhibitions under her Umbrella of The Black Cube. Please submit exhibition images and press releases to”

The first artist participating in The Black Cube is Serge Attukwei Clottey from Accra, Ghana. Working primarily in sculpture, photography, installation, and performance, Attukwei Clottey has received international acclaim and recognition for his radically unique revisioning of scrap materials. Often working with discarded plastics found near his home, he shapes, cuts, weaves and binds trash into vibrant and vital reimagined art objects. Tactile and formally beautiful, Attukwei Clottey’s sculptures, installations, garments and masks point to the [unstoppable] human need to create. He has had solo exhibits around the world, including in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Milan, and Dubai. In 2021, he will exhibit at Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles and China Art Objects Galleries in Mérida, Mexico.



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