ONE and (Human) Landscapes at Transformer Station

Dave Jordano, detail Industrial Yard 5, Cleveland, 2019, Archival Pigment Inkjet Print, 36” x 47”

ONE is a group exhibition of unique photo-based and camera-less images. Artists used their own bodies to make photograms or let the sun burn through the paper. They threw chemicals onto photo paper in darkened rooms; pulled colors out of trays without using a camera; etched, poured, and experimented with printing on unexpected surfaces; or pushed the image even further with wax, thread, weaving and combinations of objects. Photographers in the show include Matthew Brandt, Lauren Davies, Hernease Davis, Sam Falls, Chris McCaw, Kyle Meyer, Joseph Minek, Richard Renaldi, Mariah Robertson, Christopher Russell, Laura Ortiz Vega and Wilmer Wilson IV.

(Human) Landscapes are images of Cleveland at night by the Chicago-based photographer Dave Jordano. He was invited to explore various neighborhoods within the city to discover and photograph whatever inspired him. He found that “hope and the efforts of those who gave remained, whether in neighborhood street corner bars, small grocery stores, churches or even industrial complexes.” The images are alive with the mysterious glow and colors of nighttime Cleveland.

We are grateful to be open during these strange yet inspirational times and look forward to welcoming guests to share and enjoy the visions and colors that artists have to offer us.



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