Matthew Gallagher Solo Exhibition

Matthew Gallagher engaging the physical world with magnets.

Matthew Gallagher engaging the physical world with magnets. Photo credit: John Seyfried.

This May at HEDGE Gallery, Matthew Gallagher will debut his most recent body of works exploring physics, materiality and generative processes through visual and sonic arts. Unseen physical forces drive the exploration of Gallagher’s processes, as he presents a diverse portfolio of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture.

Paint and ink are fundamental tools for mapping his self-expression but—acting as a facilitator of reactions—Gallagher also works with the forces of gravity, magnetism and sound waves in his projects, which also influence his musical abilities. Between art making and running his wood refinishing company, Matthew actively tours as an electronic musician, and curates and produces the R&D (Research & Development) concert series, bringing outstanding national and international experimental music programming to Cleveland.

Matt explains that, “Meaningful discoveries are made through a willingness to engage with the physical world. Electromagnetic, sonic, and chemical processes exist around us that are constantly experienced but remain invisible. My mission is to deliver representations of these forces as art objects. These objects reveal properties of our environment that wouldn’t otherwise be apparent, and it is my hope that they empower people to experiment and play with their own surroundings.”

Matthew Gallagher, born in 1991, is a Massachusetts native and a graduate of Oberlin College’s studio art division. He is the recipient of the 2013 AICUO Excellence in Visual Arts Grand Award as well as senatorial commendations in the visual arts from the states of Massachusetts and Ohio.


Reception 5–9pm Friday, May 18

HEDGE Gallery

1300 West 78th Street, Suite 200

Cleveland, OH 44102