Yards Project Space at Worthington Yards

Yards Project Space was established as a new downtown arts venue because home, for some, is where the art is. Yards Project Space is nestled in the Worthington Yards Apartments, a cluster of four historic warehouse buildings that feature art around every corner—commissioned works, explosive digital wall installations and a permanent collection that represents well over 30 local artists. The Dalad Group, owner and developer of Worthington Yards, believes that challenging and compelling art fosters community-building, which in turn helps to attract and retain residents.

The inaugural exhibition opens in January, featuring new work from artists represented in the permanent collection of Worthington Yards. Tours of the building will showcase works by Darius Steward, Anna Tararova, Amber Ford, Don Harvey and Bellamy Printz, and reveal 18′ murals by artists Barry Underwood, Bruce Checefsky, Michelle Murphy and Anna Tararova, each stunningly printed by Vista Color Imaging. Another commission by Michael Loderstedt transforms a 40′ wall with digitally-printed jacquard tapestry and 3D resin-casted works.


Yards Project Space will encourage connoisseurship through exhibitions, artist talks, studio visits and tours to collective art spaces. Openings will be scheduled and align with other Warehouse District galleries including Shaheen, SPACES and Harris Stanton. Quarterly exhibitions will match established artists with emerging and under-represented artists, and will showcase collective art spaces throughout Cleveland. Yards Project Space hopes to energize Warehouse District residents by developing a lease-to-own program and organizing several collectors’ tours across Cleveland. Our aim is to extend these opportunities, developing new patrons and art enthusiasts. Worthington Yards will include a restaurant, bar, and landscaped courtyard beside the gallery with seating and fire pits, creating a particularly welcoming environment for openings, artist talks and other interactive discussions about arts and culture in Cleveland.

OPEN YARDS | January 18–March 17

Inaugural Grand Opening 6–9pm Thursday, January 18 | Meet artists from permanent collection and tour space

Dates to be determined in February…Worthington Yards Artist ‘In-Resident tours’ featuring new works by Michael Loderstedt at The Cleveland Print Room ANTHROPROCENE: join us for Michael’s talk about his new work at this fantastic gallery and collective photography studio in Midtown

YARDS Project Space

Worthington Yards

725 Johnson Court

Cleveland, Ohio 44113


ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE TOURS | FEBRUARY DATES TBD | Michael Loderstedt at Cleveland Print Room