Rust Belt Insomniacs

“While there is a popular conception of the artist as solitary genius, in fact almost all art  is created in a collaborative process that involves a whole cultural context of teachers and colleagues and students–as well as the larger cultural community which has shaped the artist and to which the artist responds every day.”

-William Busta



This excerpt is from the essay about my collaborative exhibition with Timothy Callaghan at William Busta Gallery early in 2015. It aptly describes the mission of director Jessica Pinsky’s Praxis Fiber Workshop. This December, the gallery at Praxis will host an exhibition of my collaborative silk garments. The silk was created at the workshop by notable North Collinwood artists using various dyeing and printing techniques. The artists worked side by side with Jessica and her staff to learn new fiber processes.


The exhibition title, Rust Never Sleeps, directly connects to the abundance of corrosive elements Clevelanders experience each day. It also relates to the process of placing rusted artifacts on vinegar soaked silk, which leaves their amber shadow behind. Each artist was given several yards of this fabric to respond to. I then created garments from these textiles.


These collaborative garments will be on display in the gallery, as well as with models performing throughout the evening. Rust Never Sleeps will combine elements of fashion and music, commemorating the truly collaborative and gritty community that is Waterloo Rd.



‘Rust Never Sleeps’

Opening reception, December 4, 6-11 pm


Praxis Fiber Workshop

15301 Waterloo Rd.

Cleveland, Ohio 44110