ArtFace: Nina Gibans and Jim Gibans, Photographed by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

artface-Jim Nina Gibans002

Nina and Jim Gibans have been a force on the Cleveland arts scene for decades. Longtime trustees of ARTneo when it was known as the Cleveland Artists Foundation, they have extensively researched, written, edited and curated books and exhibits touching on the art, poetry, and architecture of Northeast Ohio.  As far back as the 70s, Nina (Cleveland Arts Prize, 2009) organized the Cleveland Area Arts Council and served as its executive director, leaving behind a range of public art works, some of which are still visible downtown. Her books include The Community Arts Council Movement: History, Opinions and Issues, Children’s Museums: Bridges to the Future, and Creative Essence: Cleveland’s Sense of Place. The latter evolved from a series of community discussions about the art and culture that define the city’s personality. This year they celebrate 60 years of marriage with—what else?—a community-based project that aims to explore the artistic soul of the city they call home.