Still Standing

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I’m celebrating 20 years as a resident printmaker/painter in the former Lake Erie Screw Factory, and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the repurposing of this still-active industrial site as a viable art community.


The emotional aspects of life have been present in my oeuvre for decades, beginning with the persistence of domesticity and the stereotypical mores assigned to women. In 2009, with the deployment of my sons to war zones, my focus turned to imagery that reflected my anxiety, and that of the other military families of our personnel serving our country.


My “Still Standing” suite is a recent series of large plexiglass engravings of trees in all phases of existence. They are hand-inked, press-pulled prints on various archival, oversized papers. The trees metaphorically reflect the situations of our own personal lives as we age and accumulate experiences in the context of still trying to be vital. The iconizing of the single tree elevates its status by being singled it out for its being, creating a dramatic soliloquy that gives the illusion of unspoken thoughts, and enticing personal interpretation of relevance in existence.


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