Like a Nut Scurrying for Squirrels, Loren Naji is Artifying Our City!


I am writing this article the day before I leave for a cultural exploration overseas. As you are reading this, I will have already returned from Europe, rejuvenated with newly inspired art energy and ideas.


Satellite Gallery: I am always looking for far-out installation artists for Satellite Gallery. With this upcoming show, I would like explorers that will reach beyond our galaxy with the most bizarre of ideas. Ignite your creativity and blast out of the box! Our next launch will be Friday, October 2nd. Please contact me in early September with your astronomical project plans for this ultimate show. Normal is boring, Weird and out-of-the-box is better, Insane with no box is best!


ARTIFIED: An Art Exhibit Juried by the People with a $10,000 Grand Cash Prize! This project is gaining momentum and we are now seeking artists and venue submissions. The first fifty artists and hosting venues to sign up with the $35 fee will be on a select list for the first round of exhibition pairings. The first artists to submit will have the best choice of exhibition space, and venues that are early to sign up as hosts can choose their favorite artists from this select group. Remember, any artist can participate and any public space can be a hosting venue.


Though only one artist will win the Grand Cash Prize of $10,000, all artists will have their work displayed to be viewed by the public, receiving media attention and major exposure. Artists may sell their work with no commission fees! Contact us to secure your spot ASAP. (E-mail loren. Naji(at) with the subject “Artified”)


New Paintings: My experience at the Slavic Village event, “Rooms to Let” led me to explore art-making ideas, using materials found on site from the actual abandoned houses. I found old vinyl flooring with stunningly rich, worn surfaces that I used to make abstract paintings. These have now become beginnings for a new body of work for me. I am still working with my several giant spheres, developing their surfaces with varied materials.


Speaking of surfaces, I recently purchased an old white, 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider. I will wet sand the entire surface to a matte finish and cover it with my intricate cross hatch drawing. I will then have this “art car” clear coated, returning it to its original gloss!


ART (Artist Regional Transport) or Intergalactic East West Art Transport Shuttle System, the R. V. camper that I acquired through Neighborhood Connections and CPAC grants is back in progress after a long captivity from a defunct body shop. I have now finally recovered the vehicle and will have it traversing Cleveland art neighborhoods soon!