Live-Work: Love It!

Sinead Vilbar, Cleveland Museum of Art curator of Japanese and Korean Art, tells why she chose her live-work space in the city.


The main reason we chose to live in the 1400 building was the promise of a community of people who are also active in creative fields–and we have not been disappointed. We really enjoy our time with our neighbors.


We also like having Sterling Park and Recreation Center right down the block, as well as being walking distance from Asia Plaza and decent Korean food and pho.


In the eight months we’ve been here, Dan and I have been pretty busy getting settled, and doing our jobs, so we haven’t had much time to explore, but that makes being in a building with people we like all the more gratifying–everybody gives us great ideas for things to do when we finally get the chance to get out and around more, and having people over to our place just to talk and share ideas and stories has been wonderful.


We have enjoyed driving down by the lake to watch people fish and see the geese, going to the market at Ohio City, and being only a 3 hour drive from family in Buffalo. We’ve also checked out Transformer Station, and of course I spend lots of time in the galleries at CMA. This past winter was pretty rough, but the summer has been spectacular.



Tower Press

1900 Superior #114

Cleveland, OH 44114