Waterloo Arts Gives Forum to the Trans* Community


Call for Trans* Artists

A healthy glow of pride seemed to envelope our city during last summer’s Gay Games, as Cleveland excitedly welcomed thousands in a celebration of our diversity.

Waterloo Arts would like to build on the success of that event and continue the conversation about gender and diversity, with a trans* exhibit, opening April 2015. The exhibit was inspired by artist, Craig Matis, who, after hearing personal accounts from the trans* community, felt moved to share those stories with a wider audience.

We hope the art and the programming planned during the exhibit will provoke discussion and further appreciation for individuals in our society who continue to be marginalized and oppressed. The exhibit will be curated by professional artists, as well as members from the trans* community. For more information on submitting work for consideration in this group show, please visit www.waterlooarts.org.


Trans* with an asterisk, refers—in the manner of computer code—to all variants on the gender identity spectrum.


Members Sneak Peak at Annual Holiday Sale: 6 – 9 pm Thursday, December 4


Annual Holiday Sale:

5-10 pm Friday, Dec 5

11 am – 10 pm Saturday, Dec 6

11 am – 5 pm Sunday, Dec 7


National Arts Program Exhibit: 6 – 9 pm Friday, March 6

presented by the City of Cleveland


Waterloo Arts

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Cleveland, Ohio 44110