Why Artists Chose Cleveland and the Superior Arts Quarter

Interview with new St. Clair-Superior resident Jessica Newell 

ArtSpace Cleveland: Where did you live before moving here?

Jessica Newell: Before moving to Cleveland, I was biking from Cleveland Heights to my teaching job at Cleveland State.


AC: Why choose a live/work space in Cleveland?

JN:I decided to move to Tower Press to be closer to CSU and to be surrounded by like-minded artists.


AC: What kind of art do you create?

JN:I create surreal landscapes and cityscapes, focusing on Cleveland’s architecture.


AC: Has your production increased with the impact of a creative space?

JN: The Tower Press environment is important in my creative process. While the loft is calming, meeting with other artists is invigorating – you need that sort of energy.


AC: What aspect of living and working do you enjoy?

JN:I love the location of Tower Press. I also have a gallery downtown in the 5th Street Arcades.


AC: Do you participate in any art shows?

JN: I have participated in Tremont’s Art Hop, Sparx, ArtSpace Trolley Tour and the Holiday Sale at Tower Press.


AC: How could Cleveland improve living for artists?

JN:Cleveland is booming! I think people are realizing all that it has to offer, and are continually finding great creative spaces to live.



1400 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114