Why Cleveland? An ArtSpace Cleveland Survey


The following are responses by artist Joey Thate (www.joeythate.org) to a survey by Art Space-Cleveland. Thate recently moved to Cleveland. He lives and works in the Loftworks building.

Art Space-Cleveland: Where did you live before?

Joey Thate: Brewery Artist Lofts in Los Angeles and Downtown Denver.


ASC: Why Cleveland?

JT: Word of mouth. Also close enough to New York and Chicago etc.


ASC: What type of art do you make?

JT: As of late it’s been mixed media textual abstract works with prospective hallways and landscapes

ASC: Production?

JT: It’s been great so far attached are a few pieces in the works.


ASC: What do you enjoy in Cleveland?

JT: Having just moved in, I’m just enjoy a huge space for half the price compared to any other city. Asian Markets are wonderful of course. That’s a plus.


ASC:Any art openings coming up?

JT: I have been in Cleveland three months now. I’m working on a series I hope to show in the spring.

ASC: How could Cleveland improve living for artists?

JT: I’m too new to tell. But as anywhere, People living in and around Cleveland must buy from artist living and working in Cleveland. Keep the circle of money closer and help our city. Second the city must setup start-up programs to boost the Cleveland art world, raise the confidence in the local artists. Like Popup galleries or temporary public art installations. Everyone likes a good story that is local.

ASC:Other thoughts?

JT: I Hope to call Cleveland home for years to come.


1400 East 30th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114