Last Minute Market / Screw Factory Artists Open Studio

December 21st will find almost two hundred artisans, artists, and makers converging for one day to sell their work on the second and third floors of an old building in Lakewood.

In the space of that day, the Saturday population of the Lake Erie Building -which many know as the Screw Factory- will rise from the usual several-dozen to a total close to five thousand. This pleasant swell is like a dry riverbed rushing with water during a storm. Something about this nearly-centenarian cement behemoth seems quenched when it has these guests and this energy. Though it is an inanimate object, and was built to house the manufacture of very special and luxurious automobiles, it enjoys being full of artistic life. Come see this magical place, these wonderful makers, and make the building (and yourself!) happy.

Admission is free or a give-as-you-wish monetary donation to the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland, collected in drop-boxes at the doors.

Additionally, Mr. David Buehler will host his Templar Motors display which showcases seven Templar motorcars in the very room they were built. Be sure to ask him to tell you about the Templar model that came with a folding Kodak camera, and about the time the U.S. Government took over the building to produce artillery shells for WWI.

Last Minute Market & Screw Factory Artists’ Open Studio
December 21, 2013
10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Lake Erie Building
13000 Athens Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107