Art House to (Studio) Go Please

After four years with Art House, I have had the pleasure of interacting with a variety of highly skilled, extremely  alented, and utterly resourceful artists who teach for the organization.

As an artist and arts administrator myself, I admire the adaptability of each of them: That adaptability is one of my  avorite things about Art House. Printmaker Kate Ward Terry can enter a room ready to teach thirty students, only to  find a clogged sink in a less than ideal space, and still with ease, run a successful class. Ceramic artist Mark Yasenchack  can teach over 100 students in one day, yet provides a transformational experience simply by sharing his love of  clay  with the same level of enthusiasm for each student.

Such commitment from these artists helps make art accessible to  local businesses, organizations and community groups in Art House’s neighborhood and throughout Greater Cleveland.  Last year, StudioGo programs served nearly 2500 people and employed over fifteen professional artists.

A little  unknown fact about Art House? A large majority of our programs take place  off-site! With artists answering the call to  teach this growing program, I continue to be in awe at the passion our artists share in support of arts education. To bring a program to your site, visit